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Disciplinary Procedure for Parish Clerk

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we have an parish clerk that administrates our parish facebook pages and one of the parish resident posted malicious content and disclosed the address of the resident.

It has now started a frenzy, as i understand the addressee is not on facebook, and is still unaware of the comments and backlash.

The clerk and some of the other resident have jumped in and continuing this intimidation campaign against the said resident.

As we all know there is always two sides to every story, and i not heard the other side.

The clerk is obliviously aware of the disclosed address and still have not taken it down.

I wish to put a stop to this and at least hear the other side at least and help the addressee

how should one deal with this issue ?
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1 Answer

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It is the responsibility of the council, as employer, to deal with any disciplinary matters to do with the clerk. There should be a document to describe the procedure to be followed.

Every council should have a complaints procedure, and as the clerk acts on the instructions of the council and is responsible to the council, any citizen can raise a complaint against the council for a matter involving (in)action by the clerk.
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thank you for your speedy response, i think this is to be the best answer. but going to hold off for a few more days incase anyone want to make further suggestions.

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