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Round robin emails

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I have a supplementary question - only three of our Parish Councillors have dedicated parish emails, the rest either won't or don't know how to, change their email address.  If, however, the mailing list they use is exclusively to all the Parish Council, would this enable their treatment as 'official' emails?
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The ICO has produced a fact sheet (link below) that may be of interest to you as it concerns the use of personal email addresses and devices for parish council business.
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We had this with one member of our PC who refused to have an official email address.  He left within 48 hours of being told he had to hand over his emails due to an FOI by the ICO, and it wasn't up to him to decide what was official and what was personal!
Hi Down_here, did the Commissioner issue a decision notice in this case?
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A bit more detail please:  Does "the mailing list they use is exclusively to all the Parish Council" mean that the mailing list ( presumably used by the 3 Cllrs with a PC Email account) contains the dedicated & personal E mails for all Cllrs?
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