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Can a clerk refuse to include an agenda item when it has ben submitted by a serving cllr

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If a councils Standing Orders for submitting motions are below, can a clerk refuse to include the agenda item if it meets all the criteria and if he can what reasons would he have


13. Notice of Resolutions

(a) A motion may be submitted by any Member.

(b) Except as provided by these Standing Orders no resolution may be moved unless the proposer has given notice in writing of its terms and has delivered the notice to the Clerk at least five clear days before the next meeting of the Council or the appropriate Committee.

(c) The Clerk shall insert in the summons for every meeting all the notices of motion or recommendation properly received unless the proposer has stated in writing that it is intended to move at some later meeting or that the motion is withdrawn.

(d) If a resolution or recommendation specified in the summons is not moved, it shall, unless postponed by the Council, be treated as withdrawn and shall not be moved without fresh notice.

(e) Every resolution or recommendation shall be relevant to some question over which the Council has power or which affects its area. 

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No - and I'd have stopped there but the system requires at least 12 characters!
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A Parish Clerk can refuse a motion under Standing Orders 4d and e, unlawful or improper but thankfully your Standing Orders do not appear to contain them.

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