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In what circumstances can a parish councillor be removed from their office and how does this happen?

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When a counsellor behaves in such a way as to be bringing the council into disrepute, using racist and abusive language , has already been admonished for his behaviour, and continues.
I understand that a vote of no confidence from his parishioners is possible is that correct?
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If you're hoping for a procedure to oust a councillor, I'm afraid you're out of luck! A councillor becomes disqualified only for limited reasons. The main ones are failure to attend meetings without reason for six months, becoming bankrupt or being sentenced to at least three months imprisonment (even if suspended).  They can also become disqualified in relation to corrupt or illegal practices, or by becoming a paid officer of the council.

However, citizens do have the right to call a parish meeting, which requires 10 signatures. A parish meeting can be called to discuss any local matter, and can pass resolutions. These are not binding in all but a few specific cases, but will have some impact as expressing local feeling.

In the short run, the only effective way is public pressure leading to resignation. Many people are not so thick skinned as to ignore being castigated by their fellow citizens. In the longer run, the solution is for other candidates to stand at the periodic elections. In any case, it is always a good thing for there to be new blood coming forward to seek election to a council.
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You could call for a Parish Poll to be held on this matter. Although it is not binding, it would send a clear message, and the Parish Council & the alleged errant Cllr couldn't ignore it.
Sarah I understand your frustration but we have to face the government wants volunteers to stand as Parish Councillors and they have to reward/entice them somehow. Currently Cllrs can raise as much money as they want and spend it on what they  want without the need for consultation. Nor can their decisions be challenged. Similarly Cllrs once elected are almost impossible to get rid of and the Code of conduct has few sanctions available . This situation sometimes brings abuse which can present itself in various forms. Also the audit regime is  a joke
You are right, Openspaces. All the same, it is not difficult to become a councillor at local level. Public pressure and a press campaign may well force resignations, and a poll can be demanded if the council is not trusted to make wise choices over cooption. And every four years there are the regular elections. It really is down to the citizens to find good people who are willing to server as councillors. It isn't really too demanding in any but the largest local councils.
As the clerk once said to me "you can seek your remedy at the next election"
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If it is racist and abusive language and it is in public or evidenced, then they could be reported to the police before going down the code of conduct route...
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This is yet another reason why TC/PC’s need an independent review on their make up, processes and operations.

Many councils don’t operate or think like formal tier of government in relation to their operations and Procedures. As part of my masters degree I did a review on PC’s and many perform like village groups. There’s some benefits to this but those who operated and thought like a formal tier of government always performed the best.

Cllr’s are for the most part elected by parishioners and so it’s right that they can’t be removed as easily as many would hope (just to personal feelings) BUT there should be a central governing body who deal with Cllr complaints who have the power to sanction and remove.
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