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Thank you for all the insightful answers and comments on the question! If a backward and illogical action has taken place in formally resolving a precept (prior to determining the budget at another, later properly convened meeting), would the precept decision need to be rescinded by special resolution towards being able to satisfy the imminent financial certification requirements and procedural expectations? And if it wasn't rescinded, then does that jeopardise the integrity of the entire budget-setting process and put all members at risk of predetermination - and should those Members who voted for the precept recuse themselves from voting on the budget?
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Did you tell us "why" it was done the wrong way round - can't remember.

Precept demand has to be submitted to LA later in Jan I think - different areas may vary.

If there are enough people willing (and able) to listen to reason, you could seek an XO meeting early in Jan 23, give the budget proper consideration and then decide what your precept demand should be and still have time to submit it to LA.

In its simplest terms - and this is just my opinion - I don't think Cllrs (nor clerks in all cases) can make the distinction between % +/- for any given years precept and the pounds shillings and pence figure submitted to LA to provide the precept (and grant) payment.

You have to work out the pounds shillings and pence REQUIRED for the subsequent (and potentially out to 3 -5 years) FYs budget and it is that figure which drives the % +/- on the precept.  I think PCs get all wrapped up in trying to determine a % rather than letting the figures do the work....
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Personally I'd suggest that if, once you've undertaken the budget discussions/calculations and agreed the budget, I'd add a second resolution confirming that the precept request was correct (or not as the case might be) and acknowledging the error in process.  Whilst it won't erase the error, it does show good intentions and an understanding now of the process required.
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We broadly agree the Budget in December then finalise it in January when the base is known
The whole process is rubbish but I always remember one year when we agreed a zero increase and when my Council Tax demand arrived it had gone up 2.5%
Needless to say I got some stick when I tried to get an explanation
Never mind as the next year they claimed credit when the precept was reduced without mentioning what happened the previous year

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