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Filling a co opted vacancy

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If there is only one candidate can the pc wait for a more suitable candidate ie school mate ,or drinking buddy ?
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Sadly the "Co-Option" process is far from perfect but like any other aspect of this tier ultimately devoid of meaningful regulatory controls so inevitable poor practise remains.  I am sure there are instances (but yet to see them) where a principal authority intervenes and asks the Parish/Town Council to explain rationale for rejecting a person but in every instance locally never happened. I know plenty accept there face does not fit and only way to join body is through a contested election. (was certainly case for me I didn't even bother when the co-option opportunity arose waited patiently for the next election)
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Last election in my village was 30 years ago
Every 4 Years scheduled elections take place (Though as we know statistically few become contested within the tier). That been said the critical difference is uncontested elections are very different from co-option.  You stand as a candidate with the intention of a contested election and the seats are filled. The incumbents have no influence or control over that process whereas co-option they can and do influence process significantly.
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Parish councils should have a co-option policy which sets out the procedure but I know lots don't.  There are various guidance notes out there and sadly little in the way of formal procedures.  It always used to be said that if someone presents themselves, as there must be a vote by the council to co-opt, in effect that meant that the council could reject a candidate that they felt was unsuitable.  More recent advice suggests that a single candidate must be co-opted as this would happen if there was an election with only one candidate but then that makes a mockery of the "vote" to accept the candidate!
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I have put in a report of bullying to the Monitoring officer . This reduces my chances of co option to zero.
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I agree with the comments by "Progress". There are two parts to the question.

First, a council is not obliged to appoint the only candidate and can continue to seek suitable candidates.

Second, co-option obviously should not be decided on "mates" but should be about finding someone who will make a contribution to the council.

Whenever a casual vacancy arises, the council must publish a statement, which says that 10 citizens can demand a poll before a given deadline. If a council is making unsuitable choices, and you think alternative candidates can be found, then make sure you get people together to demand a poll another time. The request for a poll goes to the elections department of the principal authority, so the council has no say in the matter.
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