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Good Evening

We have a budget heading section 137 sundries.   (Plus section 137)  We apparently have £100 placed in this each year.  Can somebody explain what section 137 sundries is for ?

Apology did not make this too clear.  We already have a 137 budget heading - we use this for the benefit of the community  - this is a second budget heading 137 sundries....  Our clerk retired a while back and we need to ascertain what the sundries bit was for...
Thank you
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2 Answers

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We can all have a second guess at this but the only person who can answer your question is the person who put it in the budget in the first place - presumably your RFO.
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As you know S137 is a generic power which allows you considerable licence to spend money on projects which will in the opinion of the Council deliver a direct benefit to the community.  So this power is typically used for grants to local community organisations. It is a power which can be contentious and is often known as the "Councillors friend" and the "power of last resort".    A  similar power is S111 which again can be used  for many things. Our clerk always gives the example of buying printing paper,   So by the sound of it you have created a budget for odds and sods under S137 arguing that it will bring some sort of benefit to the community when probably it should be under s111,  But who knows
I've always heard it referred to as the "free resource" which means it covers expenditure where there isn't a direct power to spend under other legislation.  The amount is limited to £8.41 per elector this financial year and £8.82 for 2022-2023 and most councils use it for awarding small grants to community groups, for example.  It is certainly not appropriate to use s137 funds for buying printing paper as there are other powers to pay for expenses which are incidental to the work of the parish council!  It is of course, relevant only to those councils who do not operate under general power of competence.
I agree Delboyswife but there are some Councils that don't appreciate what is appropriate !!
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Section 137 is the power of last resort and it is sometimes used for purchasing remembrance wreaths (ours is anyway).
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I must be honest and say I think sometimes I think S137 is abused but when you look at the amount which is set as the max spend perhaps the generous  use of it is intended !!

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