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Councillor not staying until end of meetings

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One of our Cllrs keeps leaving meetings early.
Whilst we were on Zoom meetings the member in question didn't even say he was leaving the meeting. The Chairman didn't say anything. The minutes didn't state he had left the meeting before the end.
No reason was been given.
Are members entitled to know?
It has now occurred on three occasions.
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3 Answers

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Members are certainly entitled to ask the Cllr in question, but can't demand an answer.
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Minutes ought to reflect “Cllr X left the meeting” both for the sake of Cllr X and the PC.
As a formal record, if minutes don’t reflect the departure it could have implications for minimum numbers in attendance and would indicate that they were present for a vote when they weren’t.
Could raise the issue when minutes are presented for acceptance. It would be a matter of fact that Cllr X was absent for part where the minutes would show otherwise.
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Thanks for both responses. I did raise with the Clerk who said he could change the minutes however nothing more occurred. Obviously could doesnt mean would....

Should I raise this in a formal setting eg Meeting at approval of minutes?

I feel it makes a mockery of the system and insulting to residents whom members represent.
Minutes should be made available to the public within (the maximum) 30 days whether they are ratified or still draft.  Good practice is not to actually wait 30 days (or often longer) before publishing, to do so is lazy and inefficient.
Doesn’t hurt to highlight the obvious inaccuracy to the clerk in advance of the ratification but if, as you seem to indicate, you think they have brushed you off, then at the meeting where there should be a vote to accept as accurate and formally ratify the minutes, raise a point of order (if necessary) or just interject with a statement of fact - Cllr X left the meeting and this should be recorded in the minute.
Despite the (personal observation) that clerks tend to get hissy when minutes have to be amended, if you present a matter of fact then there should be a vote (of the council) to accept or reject the amendment. The clerks opinion is irrelevant - they exist to serve not command the council.
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So is the Councillor now leaving the face to face meeting as well?  This is presuming that you have met since the 7th May deadline for online meetings...

I had a councillor who would regularly leave after 1.5 hours of the meeting to go for a steak even though I pointed out that meetings were 2 hours long in the standing orders.  That council required a lot of shaking up in many areas!

Personally to leave without a reason is rude and inconsiderate to the electorate who they represent.
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Scheduled to meet f2f in September . Will see what happens....Thanks again

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