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When we revert to ‘face to face’ meetings, do we have to have the online facility (eg Zoom)?

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My understanding of the law is that this applies to principle councils only, not Town, Community or Parish Councils.
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No you don't have to use Zoom for Face to Face meetings.  It couldn't work in the same way as it does when each Cllr is connected via their own Laptop at home etc.
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The government are consulting on the use of hybrid and online meetings at the moment but until the law is changed, it is back to face to face meetings for councils.  My council are looking at providing an online viewing option at this time but that would only be for members of the public and not for councillors or staff.  But times are changing it would seem...
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Just to say Welsh regulations are different. Apparently when we can go back to face to face meetings we also have to provide hybrid meetings if necessary.
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Have to or have the option to?  Its strange that the law is so different between home nations....
Good question, just looked it up on the One Voice Wales newsletter. The ability to have remote meetings is to be made permanent. It then says 'including hybrid meetings'. So sounds like it's just an option. These thing are never very clear, sigh
Thank you for your answers. I shall write to One Voice Wales for confirmation as we are a Welsh council.

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