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Who carries out the Internal Audit

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Ok, a bit of an odd one, which may result in us having a 'slight disagreement' with our newish clerk.

We are a small council (under £16K), the new clerk has told us that we do not need an external auditor to do our internal audit.  So they have produced their own report, praising their work and not identifying any issues (and there are some we know about).

So who must carry out the internal, before we get 'slightly miffed' with them and then reject their report!


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what rubbish!  there is a requirement for every council to be audited by an independent auditor.  The difference is the level of submission required by the External Auditor - those councils with less than £25000 income / expenditure can declare themselves exempt for External Audit but everyone needs the initial audit level.
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Totally Agree. The RFO cannot audit their own accounts !!! However they can get a neighbouring RFO in another Parish to do it.... Their seems to be a focus on transparency this year - especially for the under £25k .....

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