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Will facemasks be required in face to face meetings when they resume this month?

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The government guidance suggests face masks should be worn indoors in circumstances where social distancing is difficult and/or you are mixing with people you would not ordinarily mix with. Are any Councils going to insist on masks being worn by Councillors or parishioners?
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We are going back to face to face meetings and will be asking people to wear facemasks when they are not talking.
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How would you manage those that decline the request or claim exemption? Cllr’s or public?
We have not come to that yet and as this decision was made by the council, I would hope that they would abide by their decision.  I am not sure if there is a legal requirement to wear masks indoor?
I was at an Apple store yesterday. They were refusing entry to anyone with an inappropriate mask or no mask - even those displaying ‘exempt’ tags. Whereas that was their condition of entry - no mask no entry - this may not be appropriate for a PC meeting since it is a requirement that it be open.
Be interesting to see how this plays out.
Remember that any store shop or pub/restaurant is a private business who can refuse entry to anyone ( unless it contravenes legislation).
If your meeting is in say a village hall then the covid requirements of the building will need to be adhered to by the hirer( PC) as well as their own decisions. If anyone is not wearing a mask then the PC is not barring anyone, the venue are. If the venue sets out exemptions in the risk assessment then the council can allow them access.

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