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Has anyone had experience of contracting out their workforce.?

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Our workforce consists of a female car parking enforcement person and two male general duties workmen, mainly grass cutting, litter picking
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2 Answers

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Purely a personal opinion as a small business owner -
The financial and administrative burden of employing a small number of employees by far and away outweighs any benefit of having permanent staff as opposed to contracted service provision.
There are however moral, legal and political implications associated with providing employment - some of those are ‘luxuries’ that simply cannot be afforded by small business  The actual / real cost of having  employee(s) often far outweighs any benefit derived from that status
What a state of affairs to have got the country into
Purely on the economics, sounds like your scenario is ideal for contract provision but you’d have to go through redundancy and that’s an expensive process of itself
It is also my opinion that clerks should be contract service / IR35 but that whole process appears to be under review at the moment
If clerks were on contract provision rather than employed status maybe PCs would be able to hire talent and fire deadwood
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Hi, many thanks for your prompt and informative answer, stay safe, take care.
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General duties would be no problem, but I think you'd find it difficult to contract out a car parking enforcement person. Commercial providers in this field have a commercial approach to enforcement, which might not be necessary, or even desirable, in your community.
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Hi, many thanks for your response, stay safe, take care.

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