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With frequent and repeated co-option widely recognised as a strong indicator of a dysfunctional PC, which PC has had the most co-options since the 2017 election?

Can anyone beat 11?
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2 Answers

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We're on the 15/19/23 election timetable, but since the 2015 election, one of my councils has had 24 resignations, all but one of which have been filled by co-option. There are 12 seats on the council. And yes, it is a strong indicator of a dysfunctional council!
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That’s IMPRESSIVE!  Obviously “impressive” is a poor choice of descriptor

We’re on 13/17/21 with a 13 seat PC where 4 are returned uncontested at (at least) the 2 previous election cycles (that’s as far as the records are available online.)

When taking a step back and examining the headline issues, and measuring the obvious discontent on the part of all those that have tried and failed to implement change, it is glaringly obvious that the recurring theme points directly to those 4 that have been returned uncontested over such a long period.
Elector apathy and the MASSIVE disincentive of being associated with the bungling PC should be about to change with - for the first time in a long time - more candidates than there are places.
It’s up to the electors now!
Congratulations can you share the secret of encouraging of more candidates.
We have 20 Councillors with five Wards in something like 30 years there’s only been one contested election in one ward
I forced the election by standing and I had someone come to my house complaining I was costing money by standing
At my first meeting only one Councillor welcomed me and the Chair didn’t speak to me for a year
Contested elections are the lifeblood of Councils but as stated apathy rules and its even creeping in at Borough level
I will, but it is a bit premature at the moment, they are on the card but not yet elected.  I've got some BRILLIANT stories to share soon...
Jules - that sounds like a dreadful scenario!
I can't claim the credit (if that's the right word!) for this mess. I was thrown in last year as a Locum to sort out the problems. I was the third Clerk in seven months and there were only 4 councillors. My first meeting was inquorate!

When I retire I'll write the book!
You and me both Dave
My Parish has already already “ starred “on YouTube and been the subject of an article in a National magazine and I feel more is to follow
Ah, the bright lights of YouTube. Let me know when you make News at Ten!
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The Maker with Rame PC (SE Cornwall) is about to experience some fairly cataclysmic change at the May election.

A recent planning application (approved by PC, opposed by planning officer and approved at committee) (pure coincidence that the chair of the PC is the applicant) is currently awaiting determination at Judicial Review.

The whole process of PC functionality has been the very hot topic in that parish and has resulted in a new 'party' being formed to oust what is considered by many to be an inherently flawed system.
This is a really interesting one to watch as it plays out!

Ruling for the JD has been delayed but is expected soon....
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I remember reading about that

You aren’t the first as years ago Feock PC experienced a similar coup d’etat and of course their’s Frome
It’s well worth reading the books about Frome called Flat Pack Democracy
Good luck and let’s hope there’s more
Flatpack Democracy 2.0 - ordered and on its way!

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