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Can a Committee overspend a budget set by Full Council?

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If a Committee overspends its budget, what should happen?
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2 Answers

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Budgets should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that money is spent within limits.  In model standing orders and financial regulations there are limits on what committees can spend without seeking approval from full council - in my council it is £5k.

In essence, nothing will happen really but there may be the requirement for monies to be transferred from another budget.  It should be raised at Full Council and the reasoning discussed and a solution decided - whether the committee is disbanded, gets its knuckles rapped or the overspend approved.
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Depending on the committees terms of reference, and and notwithstanding the amount of leeway( contingency amounts etc.) the committee has  the set answer would be no. Any proposed, pending or anticipated overspends must go to full council for authorisation. Committee does not have the power to authorise such over spends. But of course if the committee was doing its job properly such matters would be identified at an early stage anyway.
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