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CCTV - Open Spaces

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Hi there,
I wondered if any colleagues are using CCTV to monitor outdoor spaces i.e. parks and if so could you please reply with who you use as we are currently looking to install a system on one of our outdoor spaces.

Thanks in advance.
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2 Answers

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As there are a myriad of companies out there who install and even monitor the cctv you need to ask what are you wanting monitoring?

Is it vandalism, ignoring of dog access by the community, recording to safeguard against claims etc etc? Do you want it to act as a deterrent? Who will access, review and assess the recordings? Will recordings be 24/7 or activated by motion sensors? I think you will seriously need to go into great depth to convince A) whether it will solve a perceived problem? and B) is it money well spent?
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Thank you that has all been considered, we are now just looking for recommendations from colleagues.
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We tendered half a dozen local CCTV companies for a basic hi-res and low-light colour system with a 14-day storage capacity. It isn't monitored, but it gives us evidence for any issues reported. Mainly vandalism and anti-social behaviour. In both cases, we have a community centre in the recreation ground, with cameras mounted on the building and powered from within, so we didn't need to consider a more complex setup.
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