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Tender protocol

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What is the current way to receive tenders. In our Standing Orders it states in a sealed envelope to be opened by the Clerk and a Councillor after a closing date.

Should we change this and accept tenders/quotes by email which is what our Clerk wants us to do
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3 Answers

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The envelope process removes the possibility of somebody knowing the details of a tender and communicating this information to a rival bidder. For larger contracts, you should follow this procedure. The potential drawback with this process for parish councils is that a lack of clarity in the specification of the contract may result in bids that are not truly comparable. I saw a situation recently where a small landscaping project included the supply and installation of a row of wooden posts to keep vehicles off an open space. The size of the posts was specified, but no further detail was provided. The tenders received included everything from sawn softwood posts at about £10 each to proper hardwood roadside bollards with reflectors at about £50 each, so the cheapest quote was for a less desirable job, but still within specification. Using a consultant to specify the project avoids all potential confusion, but comes at a cost.
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I would say Yes.   But you might want to consider having them sent to a secure E mail account so that it can't be opened in advance by any one in the council.  There are a number of solutions available to facilitate this.
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I agree with Graeme, go with a secure email but as others have suggested make sure that your specification is as detailed as possible so that everyone can tender fairly. Also think hard about your scoring process, with modern times we now put emphasis on sustainability/environment i.e. are items sourced ethically and responsibly etc etc
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