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Who can post on the Parish Council Website.

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Our Clerk has suggested that she is the only person who can update and maintain the Parish Council website due to GDPR.  Is this correct?  We would like a Councillor to undertake this role.
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As long as the person posting is aware of GDPR I don’t see the problem
A Councillor friend of mine is very good at social media and the Councillors voted in favour of her taking over responsibility for the Council Facebook so the Clerk refused her access, tail and dog !

It was the same Council that’s website one June was still warning people not to leave their unattended cars running to defrost them
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If it's covered by GDPR, you might want to think twice about broadcasting it on t'internet! GDPR is rapidly taking over from our old friend Elf & Safety as a reason for doing nothing, just in case.

For what it's worth, I set up my parish council's website five years ago and have been running it ever since, in my capacity as Chairman. The Clerk has never played any part in it. Horses for courses.
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I manage our website too.   The clerk is not keen on social media, so councillors run the facebook page too.     What  Parish Council are you from.  It would be great to look at your website to check ours is compliant.   I am Kedington , Suffolk.  I am the new chair and still learning........
Hi Ann, I had a quick look at your website. I couldn't see a privacy policy? Also your cookie banner doesn't appear to meet post GDPR standards. Feel free to direct message me if you would like more details.
Thanks for taking the time  to look at our website.  I am waiting for our clerk to send me Privacy Notice so I can add.   With regard to cookie Banner I have no idea.... Would like a bit of advice.  Its work in progress
My email is *Emails are not allowed*   I would be grateful
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The Data Controller for GDPR purposes is the Parish Council, not the Clerk. Therefore anyone representing the Council can update it.

 If the Clerk disputes this, you can point to your registration with the ICO which should be in the name of the Parish Council, and your Privacy Policy should also say that the Council is the data controller.
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Your Clerk is wrong.  Any personal data shown on it must be backed up with a privacy statement from those concerned which they have agreed to.  The website is the responsibility of the Council and the Council can decide who maintains it but a website would not normally be viewed as a GDPR management tool, The Council are also collectively responsible for GDPR compliance.
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