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Staffing Committee - ongoing sensitive staffing grievance, to minute for publishing

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The Staffing Committee has been dealing with an on-going sensitive staff grievance and I would like to know procedures for minuting the meetings in order to publish.
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Minutes of all parish council meetings have to published as well as being open to the public to attend.  Personnel meetings are a bit of a challenge as they are often private matters that have the legal right to be discussed in private session.  Therefore there has to be a resolution at each meeting to close the meeting to the press and public.  Minutes should reflect this resolution and then be as vague as possible to still be an accurate recording of any decision made without breaching confidentiality.

There is an opportunity to provide a confidential report which could outline the issue in more detail and this could be referred to in the minutes.
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Thank you for your answer.  Is there anywhere I can see an example of such minutes? - Are there rules to follow over what should be left out?
An example of general personnel minutes - without the on-going sensitive grievance issue can be seen on my parish council website....
You will see that the meeting is formally closed and the decision recorded in a way that the private information is not disclosed in the actual minutes but is clear as to what the decision was.

Hope the above helps
Thank you, this was very helpful.

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