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Parish council and NCC over ruled consultation re parking permits

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An odd one this but here goes. Late last year the county council via our PC had a consultation re parking permits in our village. When it was returned by the residents there were 67% who wanted the parking permits.

The county council over ruled this and put in a scheme which is both dangerous to the public and to the people of the village.

The residents are up in arms but both the county council and parish council will not listen. The zoom meeting is always poorly attended as most find it very difficult to have a conversation this way that is credible. At the meeting the county council said; 2this is the scheme and this is what we are going to do". No discussion with residents, no consultation, indeed  they literally refuse to talk.

What is the legal stance ? What can we  the residents do as we see it as undemocratic. Thank you
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2 Answers

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When you say "dangerous to the public and the people" is this an expert opinion or a personal viewpoint? Road safety is a matter for the Police and the experts at your local highway authority, who would have been consulted during the process. Did the consultation show that 67% of all residents were in favour, or only 67% of those who responded?

It seems odd that the council has consulted the residents and, seemingly, ignored the response, however they are entitled to do this. The parish council would have virtually no say on this matter, so I can understand why they do not wish to engage in ongoing discussions.

The agenda item for the council committee that approved the new scheme would have been accommpanied by an officer's report to inform the members, which will be available on the council's website. This will explain in detail their reasons for adopting the chosen solution and include the many different responses they received during their consultations. Whilst it might not be the outcome you were seeking, hopefully this will help you to understand how they came to their decision.
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Do you have elections this coming May ?
Thank you Davetheclerk for responding.
> They intend to block a lane to divert people to the car park. No
> consultation has been done for the residents;  just, this is what we
> propose and appears to ignore the residents worries.
> Our village has one way in and one way out. This would cause severe
> blockages for entry to ambulances, fire brigade, doctors, buses and the
> RNLI, Coastguard and more.
> They just won't listen!! It is all to do with money even though our
> county councillor is putting her £6000 into it. Very odd.
> It is very worrying but we will press on.
> _So consultations are pretty worthless _are they, especially if they are
> ignored? What is the legality of consultations if any?
> Regards
> Richard
I have a similar Highways problem but the Council say we are the Highways authority ,  they are our Highways and we do what we want with them  If you go into Instant street view type in Hollis Close Long Ashton and you will see a cul de sac leading to a school . Come back to the junction of this cul de sac and you will see the HA has cut off the footways and levelled them off with the road proper . This means that  drivers don't know whats road and whats footway and meanwhile kids are walking along what were the original footways.  My PC has been trying for 5 years to get it re-instated . There is a certain justice there as you should try getting PCs to change their minds  !!
Thank you openspaces. Well at least we're not alone.
However as a past chair of the PC and heavily involved in the village I despair of the PC and the newbies who think it is their PC and not for them to listen to the residents. Saying that some of the other crazy things our CC have done make ones eyes water. Our CC rep is also sticking her heals in and not supporting the residents majority for permits. It's like a brick wall. They say they want the best and that we are in this together but to me only as long as we do as we are told. Methinks parish councils have had their day!!
Richard - is this a temporary measure to use some of the Government's walking and cycling Covid grant, or something permanent? Either way, the emergency services would have been consulted on the proposal and it would be normal for the bus operator to have their say too.

One of the big issues with consultations is the lack of response. If only 10% of residents respond, even a clear majority for or against a proposal is nothing more than the voice of an insignificant minority. With just eleven weeks until the next county council election, it seems an odd time for county councillors to be out there upsetting residents!
Talking of Covid and walking grants we have just been through "Plantergate". Our PC got wind of some social distancing grants and plonked a load planters (to walk either side of)  in the parking spaces outside of the local shops thereby preventing parking . There was uproar and they lasted about 30 mins
It is regarded as temporary, so they say!! Nothing to do with walking or cycling. The emergency services, so far, have not been contacted. Highways have and it is in draft awaiting signing off if agreed. the police are, so far, not concerned which worries us. We have so far no evidence of any of the emergency services or regular services being contacted.
Yes agree re the election and your comment for an 'odd time'. But maybe she isn't going to bother; who knows. The RNLI are now taking the complaints in hand such is the worry.
There is someone up there watching after all. Such fun.
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The Parish Council is not a Highways authority so the concept of it being able to issue parking permits wouldn't materialise. I would suggest raising the issue with the Sec of State for Transport, Mr. Grant Shapps I believe.
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Thanks Graeme r
Yes we know that; the original consultation was by the county council on their behest. We had the majority wanting it but they still wanted at the last 'second' to drop this on us all with no consultation with anyone. Can't be right.
Unfortunately the purpose of a consultation is to seek information & views, but there is no obligation to implement the majority view.
Bit of a farce really. Wasting peoples time and trying to be a friendly county to the people. Tosh!!

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