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Are borough and county councillors obliged to provide a report for parish meetings?

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For a “full council” meeting at a parish council meeting, are the respective borough and/county councillors required to provide some kind of report?
I’ve found wording that suggests it’s ‘encouraged’. Is  that the full breadth of enforcement?
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2 Answers

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No requirement to attend or give a report.  Indeed in a similar vein no requirement to actually invite them to give a report either.  A former parish chairperson nearby lost to one in County Election and she went out of her way to try to remove the section all together.  Thankfully majority did not share her view...
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It would be a) short sighted  and b) a failure in duty for a ward councillor not to let the parish councils in the ward they represent be fully informed of what matters at county level affects the parish. The best way for politicians to stay in power is for them to be in the public eye as much as possible via interaction with the parish council. Championing and seeking solutions to problems of the PC with county level is again, I would view as a necessary duty of a ward councillor.
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Totally agree. It should be encouraged. Especially with potential County elections in May !! There is a lot of information and support your County and in our case City Councillor can bring to a variety of issues. Sadly we very rarely get any public !! But it all goes in the minutes fo all to read.
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Our Parish Council never has anything to do with our Borough or County Councillors and the village suffers as a result of it
I’m both a Borough and Parish Councillor and I’m regularly criticised for “ wearing two hats “when really I’m a link between two local authorities
From my experience all successful Parishes have close and mutually beneficial links with both Borough and County

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