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Recording salaries and earmarked reserves

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This, to me anyway, is a peculiar challenge, I will share the statement as I have been confronted with and ask for any thoughts or feedback from the community please -
Statutory employment costs have to be ear-marked from reserves as per section 151 to ensure the council complies to statutory requirements to appoint a temporary RFO

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1 Answer

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Section 151 of...? If we're talking LGA 1972, it simply states that the authority must designate a named individual as RFO.
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Yes my thoughts when I received the email advising me of this guidance, but I wondered if had missed something in my CiLCA training!! Thank you for the response.
where did you get that advice from?  Reserves should cover the running costs of the parish council which include salaries so there is no reason to have earmarked reserves for salaries only.... strange...

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