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Parish clerk refusing to communicate

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My local parish clerk has emailed me to say he will no longer by reading or responding to my emails. He has taken umbrage to  my questions.
How do I proceed to have my questions answered if he is refusing to communicate
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Are you a councillor or a member of the public?
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I am a member of the public
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It of course depends on how the question was asked and what answers that have already been given (you said no longer communicating). If you have asked a specific question and had an answer ( you may not be happy with it) then it is very easy to  wrongly then continue with related questions thereby entering into a continuing back and forth diatribe. Check out whether you have asked the same question repeatedly thereby allowing a claim of vexation in your communication. Has the clerk given a reason for discontinuing your exchange of emails? If it is information you are seeking (ie a document) then a freedom of information request might be the way forward. Check out the councils policy for dealing with FOI and also complaints from the public.
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If you are asking legitimate, businesslike, public interest questions and the clerk refuses to correspond, you should first raise a complaint to the employing PC.  They may have an HR committee or group which should independently assess the reasonableness of the question and and reaction from the clerk.
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