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The next year

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Just like to ask how everyone sees the next year unfolding for local community councils and whether they will still remain a necessary and effective tier of local government.

And of course to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy ( and healthy ) New Year
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I think local (town and parish) councils will become more important than ever once the government decides to streamline and disband the borough and district councils, moving all their services either to county or town / parish council levels.  All on the excuse of devolution.
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Interesting. Do you really think we're any closer to this than we have been for the last ten or more years? It makes eminent sense, but will put thousands of the party faithful out of a job. I dread the thought of certain parish councils being given responsibility for anything more vital than dog poo bins!
Out of the three tiers our Borough is head and shoulders above the other two, the thought of transferring more money and power to Parishes that never have contested elections is horrifying
Our District Council is underfunded, under staffed and does not generally share the Parish Council priorities so two/three years to get things done is not unusual and makes us look ineffective in the eyes of our community
All relevant points and can I just put forward a thought that may have a bearing on the apathy that even the best councils suffer from (especially PC's)
Is it not all based on the apparent impotence and extended decision making and action of councils to meet community  needs . In short communities have lost faith in their councils so now do not even enter into the democratic process.
Councils need a new and dynamic attitude and professionalism injected into them to rejuvenate public faith. This includes removing the shackles of red tape and box ticking for their own sake which is the mire society has fallen into. Community needs (at grass roots level) should be paramount and should lead to firm planned and programmed conclusions and actions The council is there to facilitate those needs being fulfilled. When that happens faith (and support) will be restored. Apathy is the biggest barrier to success.
The risk with removing the shackles is that some communities and their councils lack the capacity to take responsibility for their own destiny.

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