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Does a non GPC parish council have a power to spend taxation to fight a planning application?

To employ specialists and lawyers?

For that matter could a PC with GPC spend funds for that use?

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2 Answers

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I can’t see why a PC with GPC couldn’t but not sure if they could without it

But in any case they should be considering is this expenditure justified or is it just posturing ?

Also what are the chances of winning in the current climate of a housing shortage?

I know of one PC which wasted enormous amounts fighting a development which was clearly going to be approved

 One of its legal advisers subsequently admitted to me  it was a lost cause from the start but they had to show the flag !

One of the responsibilities of being elected is that sometimes you have to make rational but unpopular decisions

Also remember that what can happen is whilst the PC is fighting the plans that the higher tiers of local government take all the S106 funding
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We had a discussion along similar lines on the forum a while ago. Have a look at

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Yes I commented on that  thread.  Consequent to that I wrote to my PC's clerk about two issues a) the current Earmarked reserves for "Planning Contingency" which totalled £100k to "oppose in appropriate development" and b) the recent use of some of it to support someone else's planning objections expenses which was authorised un S137.  I argued the case against using s137 and compared it with the PCs own grants policy and questioned what power they would use for their own  planning objections.  I asked that the Clerk liaise with the Chairman of the Finance Committee and put it on the next Agenda to discuss. The clerk never acknowledged  my request or replied and it never made the Agenda . I wrote to the external auditor but he said wait until next year. The internal auditor has also not replied.    I don't know who it was who suggested a petition re  PC reform but please lets start one

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