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What are the criteria for the categories LC1, LC2, LC3 ,or LC4 for the purposes of determining a Clerks remuneration

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Can someone explain the criteria used in determining whether a Parish falls within categories LC1, LC2, LC3 ,or LC4 for the purposes of deterring the Clerks remuneration
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2 Answers

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There is an NALC and SLCC document that sets out the role descriptions for each level. It's called the "National Agreement on Salaries and Conditions of Service of Local Council Clerks in England and Wales 2004". If you have access to the NALC website, it's on the Templates page under Model Employment Contract. You'll need to log in to see it.
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I provided this info in November  - Please check out my responses here In short either the number of electors in the parish or the size of the budget and number of staff are used. For example a parish electorate of less than  5000 is normally LC1.
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