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Thanks for your answers guys, much apprecited.

It looks like I'll have to escalate this, and my first stop I suppose will have to be the Chair of my Parish Council.

If I don't get any satisfaction the next level up will be the County Counci, or District Councill.  Does anyone know if these bodies would have any clout in this kind of thing?  Anyone have any experience of escalating things that are relevant to my case?  I suppose a lot would depend on what the CC or DC policy is - they might be just as reaxed as the PC!

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3 Answers

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I think you've missed the point here. Your Clerk may decide how much or little to include in the minutes, as long as the decisions are shown.
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It seems that the primary function of minutes is to record decisions made by the Council.  Anything additional is optional and cannot be imposed
PC Thealbabe please  note the comment option
Thanks forn the heads up on the comment option.

I guess it's a question of expectation and how things are done in local government .  Any minutes that I've written had some detail in but if that's not how it works at local level is OK I guess as long as the relevant documents are listed and available.  I've not yest managed to get the document listed in the minutes that I want to see.  Ill just keep trying.  Thanks for your comment.

Thanks DavetheClerk for your info.  Good for punters lik me to have access to guidance from knowledgeable people.
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I am not sure what escalating it would do? There is no legal requirement for councillors to document their reasons for making a decision. If you look at the minutes of the district council, as an example, give a motion, and that it was resolved, there will be background papers, quotes etc that can be referred to, but there is no requirement (and it would not be proper for them to be included) in the minutes.

If, for example, Cllr Smith voted against a new park bench, there is no requirement, and it would be daft to require from them a full explanation of why they voted against buying a new bench.

All the background documentation should be in the agenda pack made available to all councillors the public.
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We now verge into the realm of requirements in the code of conduct (and localism act) for openness and transparency. One might argue that all decisions made by council must have a clear and open recording and traceability of how decisions were arrived at including how councillors voted on the motion. Doing so would allow for the public to be aware and to measure their councillors commitment to business before them. No bad thing and I for one cannot see why any councillor could in all honesty not want this information to be made public and them accountable.
Thanks Mentorman.

Agrreed Not sure why the openenness and transparency requirements don't apply to some council meetings, but there you go.

I'm on the trail of the supporting documents for the inutes they were listed in but not forthcoming yet.  I'll get them I'm sure.......
I guess you're right DavetheClerk,  .  I'm having a little trouble getting the info I want that was listed in the minutes but it must be available!

Thanks for your input, knowledge and willingness to share.  Great for us punters to have access  to info from people who know a bit about the job!
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I specifically request for it to be noted but only if it's linked to the previous minutes (amendmements) or an objection to be noted  if its something really important eg safety or legal Implications.
You can always request a named vote to if helpful. It is frustrating
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