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The Alpha Accounting software package from RBS is specifically designed for smaller Town and Parish Councils. But I am not sure if you can specifically download quarterly spend against budget reports - Can anyone advise if this is possible and If yes what is the report called so I can try and create one

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We get monthly budget reports that show spend against budget lines. (Percentage spend and actual spend etc)

We also see all the payments made every month and copies of bank statements (though not every month)

I'd assume you can do this if the package is designed for town and parish councils?
Can you ask the clerk / RFO? Seems a reasonable question and request (to me)
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I have asked the question to the current clerk who says the system does not do that yet the previous clerk tells me the system can as its date driven if that makes sense -  hence me putting it out there in the hope that another council who uses that software and could give me a definitive answer
Why not give the software people a call and ask them what their software's scope is and whether it meets your question. Just google Alpha Accounting for small councils (they are in Swindon)
Just a little sensitive to going over the clerks head but our internal auditor has given us another negative audit for 4th yr running yet our clerk is protected by certain Cllrs
You are not going over the "clerks head" as a councillor it is your duty (and obligation) to ensure that the council receives the correct information to enable it to make correct judgements. As an employee the clerk like any other must be subject to checking that they carry out their duties as defined and to the best of their abilities or specified levels of competence. As an employer the council has again, a duty to ensure that the employee who falls short of the requirements receives whatever assistance, support or training to achieve the required level of competence. This is why they should be required to participate in clearly defined employment reviews where such matters can be identified and corrected if necessary. Councillors " protecting " an employee are failing in their duty and also failing the employee. Unfortunately this does neither the council or the clerk any favours which is why a robust employment policy needs to be in place and if possible be delegated to an employment committee

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