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How does the Pension provision work when an Individual is Clerk for two Parish council's ?

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We Have been informed that we have to provide a pension for our parish clerk.

How does that work when she is also clerk for a neighbouring Parish.
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I would think that quite simply their employment elsewhere has no bearing on your requirement to supply the pension facility. The other PC has the same responsibility to make the same provision as another employer.
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Your council would pay the pension provision for the hours your Clerk works for you.  The fact that they have another job is irrelevant.
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Our pension provision is linked into the county council provision and based on the hours worked. Speak to your county council pensions department they are very helpful
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Employers have been required to put staff into a pension since 2008.

Have a look at the Pensions Regulator website here...

and the government pages here

You can use the LGPS (local government pension service), but for a single employee it can work out very expensive. (Watch the exit fees). A pension similar to NEST maybe the way forward.
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It is down to each of the councils which pension provider the Clerk becomes a member of.  The local Gov pension scheme (LGPS) serves employees of Principal Authorities and is also open to town and parish Council employees whose council lies within the Principal Authority borough.     Looking at the LGPS rules, I can't see anything that prevents  a Clerk having a pension that has contributions coming in from 2 town or parish councils, but the Pension will be based on their combined salaries from both.  So if they got £20,000 from Town Council A and £10,000 from Parish Council B, their pension would be the number of years service/49  x £30,000.  What might not be permitted is for somebody to a member of 2 Principal Authority schemes from different boroughs.
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