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Amalgamating Resolutions during ameeting. .

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I decided to forgo the Personnel matter as a way forward, but I wanted Governance to be removed from the Personnel and Governance as the way forward.

At our last meeting, sure enough there were two resolutions on the agenda. One to remove the Governance part and the second Chairing meetings where my partner was minute taking.
In his infinite wisdom the Chair said he would take them has one item, even though the content was very different. When I objected he said he could as he was Chair. Totally illegal in my mind. I have spoken to the County officer at NALC who wont advise me.

How do I now, as a Councillor, challenge my Councils irregularities?
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The chair can take a vote on whether to take the two resolutions together but he would need approval from the majority rather than take a unilateral decision himself.  It's a curious thing that lots of chairs seem to think they have powers over that of fellow members when, apart from having a casting vote, there is very little else that the position brings other than duties to keep meetings in order.  I suggest that your chair needs some training.
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Have you spoken to the chair about your concerns over the decision. Sometimes they are under pressure of time to get matters moving during a meeting.

It is often more appropriate to raise this issue as soon as the agenda comes out like dispensation are supposed to be raised at this point
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Yes unfortunately the Chair supports the Clerk who in actual fact, in my opinion, misleads him.
The two resolutions were completely separate issues so should not have been taken together!!!

The Chair thought he had the power but the Clerk did not say different ......
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Challenge the chair on a point of order, and ask which standing order or policy the chair believes entitles him to make a unilateral decision on the matter.  Ask for your challenge to be minuted along with his response. Refer the minutes to the Monitoring Officer at your Principal Authority, not a NALC subsidiary.
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The chair has no power to make such a decision at a meeting. The Chair and the clerk have NO power (unless delegated by council vote ) to make any decisions. The Clerk is there to advise and guide the council who are the only decision makers.
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