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When the Chair has agreed that an EGM will be held, is there a binding requirement for when this meeting is held?

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5 Answers

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There is a minimum notice period of 7 days for an Extraordinary meeting.
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I’m curious if a Chair hasn’t agreed to an EGM yet ...can a member of the public ask for an EGM?
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No, members of the public are not able to request meetings of a council in any formal sense.
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The date and time of an EGM is normally set by the Chair whereas an ordinary meeting date is normally set by the clerk
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I am not sure that Parish Councils hold "extraordinary general meetings"  - I can't see the term in the Loc Govt Act 1972.  Any 2 Members of a parish council may submit a signed written request to the Chair of the parish council to call an extraordinary meeting. The chair cannot refuse it - if he/she does not respond or agree to it within 7 days of receiving the request, the 2 members may call an extraordinary meeting.
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6 electors can ask for a Parish meeting but not an Extraordinary Meeting
Any type meetings called are still set and run by the parish council It is not a free for all meeting and should be minutes by the clerk
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