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Clerk calling EO meeting

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I understand what the LGA has to advise re calling an EO meeting but I am interested in clarifying what it does not advise, which may seem a no brainier if it does not have a ruling?

Accepting who and how an EO can be called, in addition to that can a Clerk call an EO meeting if there is urgent, time sensitive, business to be addressed?

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3 Answers

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The Clerk cannot call an Extraordinary meeting at all, regardless of circumstances.  It has to be called by the Chair or 2 councillors (Local Government Act 1972, Schedule 12, section 9).
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The Clerk does not have any power to call any meeting of the council either scheduled or Extra Ordinary, Scheduled meetings are decided by council and arranged and summons  issued by the clerk on behalf of the council. EO meetings as already stated are called by the Chair or the requisite number of councillors if the Chair refuses to call one requested by those councillors. The clerk facilitates the will of the council.
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They can request one though.

 It may be they need support.
I would not have thought they'd state the need for an EO unless it was pressing.
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