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Standing Orders compliance during "Live" FB broadcast. [closed]

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During a Live Facebook Full Council meeting after a vote had taken place a Councillor requested the Clerk to name who had voted against the proposal. The Clerk duly obliged with little concern for the Standing Order that states for named votes to be requested prior to the resulting proposal. What recourse does the Councillor have in justifying this negligence.
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2 Answers

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In short - none!

However as the employee and advisor to the council the Clerk should have known better, therefore the breach of standing orders is down to the clerk.

This should be referred to your staffing committee.
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If you're using the current model Standing Orders, 3(s) states that a request to record the votes cast should be made before moving on to the next item of business, i.e. after the result of the vote has been announced, if necessary.
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