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Are Parish Councillors permitted to respond to planning applications

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Simple question.  We reached a broad consensus on a planning application but some of our councillors wish to record their views as an individual resident of the Parish, is this permitted?
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Anyone can comment on a planning application. However, if you have come to a consensus as a Council and they disagree then they can submit their own objections as a member of the public, not a Councillor.
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Correct in making a comment directly to the planners but a little thought should go into such matters. As most councils either decide planning comments at full council or delegate decisions to a planning committee it would be prudent to tread carefully. As it is required that councillors involved in planning matters decisions are not allowed to make any comments before it comes to council then commenting on the planning website before the council has met could be construed as not following this guidance especially if the application is refused. Perfectly OK after the PC has commented thereby removing any suggestion of prejudice. The council chamber is the place for debate not online or in the
street.Discretion not secrecy
Point of detail  - Most (Principal Authority) Councils actually decide planning applications via their Planning Committee members or delegate decisions to Planning Officers

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