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Headings on our budget report

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We hold a monthly Finance Committee. At this meeting we all given a report by the Clerk. It shows expenditure for the month, expenditure to date and the amount budgeted for the year.  My question is about the categories on this document. To me, a trained bookkeeper, they are woefully inadequate. For instance the Christmas lights, quite a large amount, are under Regeneration. I would prefer to see this under a heading of Christmas Expenses, there are others, so that I could see what was really spent on Regeneration, and Christmas! This is just one example, there are others.

When I queried this and said we should look at the headings, I was told by the Clerk that she was only allowed to use the specific headings she uses and this was the same for all councils. As a bookkeeper I find this rather strange and cannot help wondering if she has told us this to make her own life easier.
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I think your clerk is spouting a load of nonsense! Have a look at what account headings other councils use and post on their websites.

A good example can be found here...


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Thank you. I suspected as much. Now all I have to do is get it changed!
Absolutely, it’s so worrying when there are issues like this where ‘it’s just the way it is’ or ‘it’s like this everywhere’... as if PCs have never seen or heard of the private sector...
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Absolutely typical! Sadly there are quite a few Clerks out there who see themselves as the font of all knowledge, a little like Doctors Receptionists.

Any how you’re quite right about the headings being clear and regeneration seems quite a far relative to Xmas lights. The epicentre of all councils should be transparency.
The tax paying public should be able to see exactly where their tax is spent. Of course there may be the rare occasion where this is not appropriate (I.e sensitive). For your Clerk to tell you that it’s what all councils do is either a blatant lie or lack of knowledge.
A good council utilises the professional skills of its members and therefore your book keeping experience should be listened to.
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