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During Zoom meeting Clerk loses connection and cannot rejoin can a councillor be nominated to take minutes

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Not being an expert it is not required for the clerk to take the minutes and the council presumably have the right to vote a minute taker. More importantly it brings into relief the possibility of actually recording the meeting as it happens so that contentious points can be correctly responded to. The recording can then be erased when the minutes are accepted at the next appropriate meeting. Though there will be those who do not wish actual  details to be made public. Hey would it not be a great exercise in transparency if the PC even put the recording of the meeting on their website? Now that is a great way of getting the community involved........
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My PC records the meeting because it frees the Clerk up to control the proceedings but the recording is then deleted
To me if a PC records a meeting and then releases the recoding it shows confidence it also prevents malpractice and showboating
You only have to go onto YouTube to see recordings of PC’s made by the public to see what a shambles a lot of meetings are
If the public are unable to access the Zoom meeting I believe the meeting would be invalid as that has just happened to a Local Authority near me who had to rerun the meeting

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