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After a cllr resigns can they breach confidentiality

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I think Councillors remain bound by confidentiality even upon leaving.
They could probably send some very genuine signals and direct people on what questions to ask, or what information to seek.

Confidentiality can be breached under certain circumstances, certainly if called upon in a court of law.
They could perhaps if perceived in the 'public interest' however most are weary of this but if they were aware a Council breached a policy they could cite the policy and the resolution. It would then become a matter of public interest. They could do this as a Councillor though.
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There is very little a Cllr will be able or should be able to hold confidentially as everything a Council/Cllr does should be transparent.

At times the council may hold a ‘closed’ session but apart from that I can’t think of any other time.

Therefore in theory anything the resigned Cllr (subject to fact) May choose to discuss would be public anyway or could be via a FOI request.

if in doubt you could always seek advice from your local association and where you feel there’s a serious breach contact your retained legal advisor.
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No, if they were given information in agenda papers that was agreed by resolution to be deemed confidential, it must stay that way once the Cllr leaves office.  In practical terms though, there would be no process that could be used to hold the ex Cllr to account if they shared it.
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