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Entertainment venues

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The Council is trying to develop one of its properties as an entertainment venue.  A deposit is paid by Council to secure entertainment acts - this payment is made without authorisation - it is approved retrospectively.  Is this common practice?  There doesn't appear to be any limit on the amount of the payment that can be made for the deposit.
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This type of trading activity is best delegated to a management team that has the necessary knowledge, skills and experience. I'm not sure how other councils manage this and I have no direct experience.
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Does the Council have the necessary powers of competence to do this?  Who is the payment made to?  An entertainment agent and if so what level of commission does he or she charge?  When I played in a band years ago, the agent was paid in full after the gig was completed, and I wasn't aware of agents getting a deposit in advance from the venue owners.
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When you say the council are paying a deposit - who is paying it? The Clerk and then it is raised at the next meeting or another process? If it is the Clerk then do they have a delegated power to spend up to a certain amount which is part of your SO's?

If not then no this is not correct procedure at all!

The best way to manage this is to have a committee especially for this purpose i.e. events/venues etc. The committee should have full terms of reference which are agreed by the full council including any delegated powers such as the budget. Once signed off the committee is able to transact in whatever is agreed in its terms of reference.

Remember this is public money, scrutiny and transparency are key!
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