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Payment lists - full list of payments

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Until recently a paper list of payments to be authorised was provided to Councillors.  Now, in an effort to save paper, the payment list is just read out by the Clerk at the meeting.  The list of payments read out is never published - on paper or electronically (e.g. via e-mail or on the website).  In my opinion this makes it very difficult for Councillors to provide proper scrutiny of the items being approved - what views do other more experienced people have?
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Transparency Code?  Three days' notice?  They should be included on the agenda, unless you're scrapping agendas to save paper!
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Agendas are published online and on physical noticeboards.  A few agendas are available on paper at the meeting.  Councillors are expected to use tablets or print their own.  Clerk says the payment list "needs to be dynamic due to the volume of payments".  If sent out three days before this would mean some payments having to wait over a month for authorisation.  I don't agree with this and for really urgent stuff just add an addendum at the meeting.
We receive them in reports. Usually paper but occasionally digitally. You should definently be able to see them and check them otherwise how can you approve them?
Payments  being on the agenda would be better.

 We have alot of payments which would fill our agenda  but I do like the idea. It makes sense and I see no harm.
Sounds like a risk at present to not have time to consider approving payments? Also prevents asking questions etc
You can’t add to the schedule once the agenda has been set. Our agenda has the total payments and councillors receive the full schedule by email with the meeting papers. The schedule is included in the minutes each month. Payments can be deferred at the meeting if necessary but cannot be added.

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