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Lockdown responsibility

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Our local PC has under the guise of virus protection closed all of the dog poo bins in the village with a resulting rise in dog poo not lifted and bags thrown into hedgerows and verges by "responsible dog owners". Are they responsible in any way for clearing up the resultant mess due to their actions of closure?

On a parallel theme they have stated that out two recreation grounds were closed initially ( though did nothing to restrict access) and now state that they are open for exercise (providing distancing is observed) but that play equipment, football pitches and bike track cannot be used but again fail to take even the most basic of protection action by even taping off play equipment with hazard tape( very cheap) to physically show that those areas are closed. The result is that people are ignoring signs on the gates and using the closed equipment as they want. The PC reaction to complaints is that they do not enforce so call the police if you see someone using closed equipment.

The question is in both cases does the PC not have an obligation to ensure, that on land they own, as far as possible that the regulations are adhered to and have a responsibility  to do as much as possible to protect those using the facilities?
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Dog poo bins are no longer required as dog waste can be disposed of in standard litter bins.  Therefore, the excuse that the parish council has closed the bins doesn't excuse littering by members of the public.  It is their responsibility to find another bin or take the waste home with them.

With regards to closing off the playground equipment, parish councils are frequently taping off slides only to have the tape removed by parents who refuse to follow the rules.  So what alternative is there?  The parks are now open to the public but playgrounds are to remain closed.  You state that signs are up... then the public should read them.

Parish councils have no power of enforcement and considering that the vast majority of councils are staffed by a single parish clerk, what patrolling do you expect them to undertake.  It is the responsibility of the residents to actually act like adults and follow the guidance for the betterment of the community and not act like selfish individuals.
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Absolutely 100% they are responsible for ensuring their facilities are safe to use. For example, tape and signs would have been useful for the play equipment to clearly advise of the regulations. If these were being breached then the police should be called in the first instance. If there were bylaws in place then separate actions could be taken against those breaching the local laws.

In regards to dog poo bins, this is something that is quite frustrating. Does the person emptying the bins work with someone else? If not then why couldn't they still be emptied? But as per the previous answer dog, poo bins are not necessary any more as the waste can be placed into regular bins.

One thing to remember is though, if you put a 15foot high fence with electric wiring and guard towers around the facility some of the mindless idiots flouting lock down rules will still find a way to breach any rules.
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