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Should the usual PC procedures apply to the new COVID rules required for Council tennis courts ?

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We have tennis courts and feel that we need to open them asap but do we need to ensure that the new regs are recommended and resolved as usual? We are using the LTA and Government regs as guidelines for our situation.
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I wouldn't have thought it would be sensible. Private run lesiure facilities are opening slowly  but public ones appear to remain shut.  But it's only my opinion. I'd be thinking about it from a resource approach at this time. I would be interested to see what decision is made.
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Hi Pheonix.

It's a difficult one this, I'm assuming your courts are open weather and not inside? There is a push to start opening facilities slowly to encourage a normal way of life again albeit a little more safely. However, I would err on the side of caution and continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks. Whilst single matches might seem harmless it's whether family and friends come to watch and whether or not in then encourages doubles.

Right now it would seem to soon to open up the facility in my opinion. :-)
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