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Councillor lied to council

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A councillor has raised an issue at a council meeting supposedly on behalf of a village organisation. This organisation denied any involvement at the next meeting. As a result of the issue that was raised, the parish council is spending approximately £1000.

There was an incident in the parish recently and someone suggested a councillor was involved. All councillors have stated in writing that they were not involved.  However, it has come to light that the same councillor was involved and has lied again.
There have been allegations previously.
What action can/should the parish council take?
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3 Answers

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If the cllr can be categorically proven to be lying, he or she would be in breach of the model code of conduct. The monitoring officer of the Principal Authority could be informed and potentially at least impose some form of sanction. However, unless what was done is a prosecutable offence, there is no means of removing the cllr from the council.
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This highlights what is a significant problem. I remember once having a problem with a District Council and was told that the one thing  they hated was people on the street outside walking up and down with placards. So if you have problem with a Cllr put the information in the public domain and let public opinion decide. Obviously being careful in precisely what you say. All IMHO
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It sounds as though there is an ongoing pattern here. Has the councillor been asked to explain his or her actions? Coming face to face with one's accusers is often sufficient to modify behaviour.

The Monitoring Officer should be informed, but this should happen as soon as possible after each incident and will require one or more individuals to put their name to a complaint. The MO's powers are very limited in cases such as this, so the solution will often have to be found from within your Council. Make the time to conduct a full investigation of every incident to clarify the facts and gather evidence.

Ultimately this may only be resolved by placing the individual in a position where they have no option but to resign.
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Hmmm the MO can investigate this as others have said. The full council should meet to discuss this issue. I'd also refrain from making it a closed meeting so that this Councillor (if actually done wrong) is outted via transparency. The worst thing for the council to do is to bury this.

However, to bring some balance back I would say is the PC/TC scrutinising financial situation fully and properly. If a Councillor brings an issue from a member of the public/group and it's relating to money then the council shouldn't just vote on it and consider it done. The council should invite the group to submit in writing any request for the full council to consider in due course. Whilst it is inappropriate for the councillor to have lied it is the assumed shortcomings of the council who are at real fault.
I'd suggest the council reviews its standing orders as a priority and makes amendments to state no money shall be given as grants, donations or spent by the council without written requests for the relevant person(s) or a report by the relevant committee to be debated by full council.
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