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Are there any “rules” that a PC must legally follow when dealing with grant applications from Charities? I have seen for example

a)   The applying charity must have followed their own internal grant application guidelines which usually involve “authority to proceed” being countersigned at a certain level(s)

b)   Any S137 payment must be assessed by considering how the grant directly effects  the population i.e. if grant effects 10% of the population. then grant cannot exceed 10% of S137 limit

c)    No more than one grant per year

Or are these just part of locally adopted policies?

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There are no rules. It's a local decision. Section 137 requires councils to ensure that the benefit accruing to residents is "commensurate with the expenditure to be incurred." That's about as unscientific as a formula can be!

Many councils have adopted formal grant application policies and procedures and I always encourage this. It helps to ensure that all applicants are treated equally, as well as providing an opportunity for a small group that has never thought of applying for external funding to dip their toe in the water.
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