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What is expected of the MO following complaints against members?

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What would be expected of the Monitoring Officer following his receipt of complaints surrounding the conduct of half of the members of a parish council who have never registered a single DPI since becoming members many years ago?

For example, would the MO be expected to inform the police and also prepare a report?

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Thank you

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2 Answers

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Are you saying that they didn't complete and submit their register of interests form or that they have DPI's that they omitted to include on the form?
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Hi DtC

The members didn't complete and submit their register of interests form.

Kind regards

What should be expected of the MO is that they should have noticed this and taken action already

We have reminders to check the accuracy of ours every six months
Hi Jules

Thank you for your reply.

The complaints regarding the members failures were submitted 3 weeks ago and yet there are still no completed DPI forms on the statutory register or on the PC's register.

Maybe the MO does not believe it is his responsibility and probably deems such matters as trivialities.

Kind regards

The whole system of Parish Council governance is a joke I’ve just found this example which to me is a very serious one yet they basically got away scot free
Would that be the case of the two Slapton Parish Council members?
Yes that right it’s two Slapton  Councillors I always though cases like that were automatically sent for prosecution as other than that anything goes
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The MO should investigate the complaints in a methodical and systematic way and inform the complainant via a report if they are valid.  He/she should also call on the Cllrs to submit their DPI's within a deadline if that has not been the case.  They should also contact the police as a last resort if  they know of deliberate failure to declare a personal interest -   it  is a criminal offence, and any MO who chooses not to do so could be deemed as an accessory to a criminal act.
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Hi Graeme_r

Many thanks again for your professional advice.

However, I will not hold my breath for any decision by the MO or the police to pursue this criminal behaviour.

Kind regards


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