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how do I make a complaint against the parish clerk

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The clerk is not putting up agendas within 3 clear working days before the meeting and this is not the first time.

She has also broken the GDPR but leaving my name on documents.

Not tending work as the work is given to the Chair

Thank you
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3 Answers

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The council should have an adopted complaints procedure and this should explain how to raise your concerns and how the council will handle them.

A model complaints procedure can be found on the link below:

Model Complaints Procedure

I am sure one of the professional clerks who provide advice on this site may assist you further.

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Sam has said exactly what I would have said, but just to add that although the Clerk may be the person who has failed to display the information, it is the Council that has the legal responsibility to display it, so your complaint should be addressed to the Council as outlined above.
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In addition to the complaints procedure, you should also report this to the external auditors if the Council  do not acknowledge that they have breached the Local Govt Act 1972 in their AGAR  *Annual Return & Annual Governance"   submission.
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It also depends on where you mean when you say "putting up the agendas" as they could have been published on line instead of in a noticeboard or vice versa.  That would still be considered to be published....
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