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Sheringham town centre road repairs

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Ten days ago, whilst visiting your lovely town, crossing the road adjacent to the little cinema at the sea end of the high st. I was watching out for traffic from the right and tripped in a pothole, one of several in a row.  I fell very heavily causing shin cuts, severe bruising and chipping my left knee cap (confirmed by x-ray at W.S. Hospital, B st E).

I share this with you in the hope someone else doesn't have this experience and choose to seek compensation, which I am not.  Will you have this part of the road

With kind regards, HM

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1 Answer

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HM, this query should have been directed to the Highways Authority for Sheringham  or if you didn't know who they were to   Why did you expect that somebody by chance who might have been responsible would also be a member of this forum?

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