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Autocracy and Freedom of Expression

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The subject of Social Media has become an issue as the approaching May local elections are due with hotly contested seats, there has been some sparring from opposition groups spilling into local residents citing that Cllrs should work together.

The largely `uncontrolled` council,debating the issue has warned Cllrs of their responsibility's and recommended an update of the Social Media /IT policy, this being led from the Chair claiming to be `A` political although using social media to promote aims abetted by the Clerk.
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Is there a question  intended or is this a comment?  Are you seeking guidance about social media policy in light of forthcomong elections?  How do you perceive a  "controlled" Town or Parish Council to be?  People are entitled to stand on behalf of political parties, but the function of the chair does NOT include taking  control what cllrs say and do.
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Appreciate your reply Graeme_r, and the post was a bit of both really, annoyance at the seemingly interference regarding postings at a personal level.
The "controlled" issue is "no overall control" by a single group though  as I have previously queried retiree`s whom have the time to visit the Clerk.
Any guidance about social media policy would be welcome.
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Your Corporate Bodies official digital footprint (Social Media & Website) & indeed public footprint (notice boards/press releases) I would have thought should be devoid of party political content during the election period (indeed our social media page avoids it completely at a Parish level).  Having never been inside a corporate body during an election period yet  personally id take the view to be overly cautious noting the complexities of the Purdah period etc.  Statement of Persons nominated / Information from Returning Officers / Polling Station Information / How to Register to Vote and nothing else on Official Website / Social Media Pages fromt the "Corporate Body" should be sufficient in terms of content the body shares.
Individuals on their own pages are surely free to do what they like in their own names (making clear its their personal view where applicable). I am never comfortable when     Its a campaign and sounds like a contested election at that in your area.   Perhaps your local association could provide guidance note / help.   Am sure stuff will be sent to Clerks etc in due course.  
Am not sure what "led from their chair" means as Graeme_r has said.  He/She really ought not be dictating what individuals can and cant say whilst speaking as an individual.   I could see merit in reminding everyone of their responsibilities and emphasising that the corporate body cannot be used for re-election purposes.  Reminding them that them to avoid "we the Parish of Example think" type comments placing emphasis on the need clearly identify comments are your own (particularly if you opt to use Cllr title)
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Many thanks, a moving feast as a fellow Cllr likes to add, things are certainly accelerating and I am grateful for your advice and all advice on this site.

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