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Pre determination? 2 consider motion by 8 cllrs proposing the removal of 2 cllrs from positions held within the council

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Can you provide more details, are you trying to vote people off a committee or the council.

The latter you cannot do, the former can be done in a very roundabout way.
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Sadly I can not all the agenda say is 'to consider a motion signed by 8 cllrs proposing the removal of 2 called from positions held within the council structure' only the 8 members that have signed know the other 7 have no information, but surely the wording proposal is pre determination and they would need to have lobbied or met to get a proposal?
Putting a proposal together and asking colleagues to support it isn't a bad thing in itself.
However the proposal cannot remove the chairman or the vice chairman of the council.
Ring the clerk and ask who out the proposal in, and ring that councillor and ask them what it is about. What reason have they not to tell you.

Ideally, however, any such motion in the agenda should name the councillors, as otherwise it could be argued not be valid as the councillors concerned would not have had due notice of the agenda.
The Cllrs concerned have not been notified, only the 8 know who its about all other members are in the dark. And I do not believe the Cllr that put it in would give the information the office have ignored all questions asked by those left out the loop asking for information so they can make an informed decision. What did you mean 'in a roundabout way' and how would they challenge that they didn't get due notice?
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"Pre determination"  is more usually used term when  a Principal Authority cllr or Cllrs publicly  appear to endorse a decision about an item on a Planning committee agenda etc. I don't think it applies here, because it is to consider a motion. The fact that more than one Cllr supports it doesn't amount to predetermination.   Determination is given at the meeting by resolution. ..

Cllrs cannot  normally removed before their term of serving on the Committees expires.
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First thing you should be asking is where is this action allowed in Standing Orders if it’s not there then it goes no further

Some of my fellow Councillors tried to have a vote of no confidence in me, I just pointed out the it was my parishioners that elected me Not them

If they ban Councillors from standing then the link below indicates they can’t

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