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My daughter is bullied by her fellow Town Councillors what legally can we do?

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It is difficult to offer advice without further information. Please explain what you mean.
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She's young & on the ball certain members & some staff keep breaking standing orders and protocols, she questions this and now they send belittling emails &  remind her of the code of conduct, make accusations against her and have manipulated new members to not believe her, they even make public accusations in meetings and are threatening her with harassment & bullying. Yet she has evidenced documents that back up what she says & asks.
She should discuss this with the Clerk in the first instance. The Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council and responsible for ensuring that the correct procedures are being followed.

If she is concerned about things that are being said in meetings, particularly if those things are a clear breach of the Code of Conduct and potentially against the law of the land, she has the right to record the meetings, either audio or video recording, or to ask a friend or family member to attend and record on her behalf. The mere fact that this is taking place may be sufficient to modify behaviour.

You mention that others have reminded her of the Code of Conduct. Are they suggesting that she has in some way breached the Code?

It is important that she keeps a written record of all incidents, as this will be required if it becomes necessary for her to submit a formal complaint to the Monitoring Officer.
Unfortunately the Clerk is part of the problem, she regularly does not action resolutions and minutes are regularly wrong and even manipulated. My daughter records all meetings so has evidence, but if she says anything she is nit picking, bullying or harassing the staff and the members that defend her. The members that have a tight affiliation with the Clerk then turn it on her and belittle and berate her via email and in public meetings.
She has been to the monitoring officer and has lodged a sound complaint about breaches of protocols and their treatment of her, although it's not processed yet we're not hopeful it will go anywhere. Which is why we wondered if there was another legal route we could look at?

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