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Office furniture

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Hello there, The clerk of are Parish Council is part-time only working 15 hours a week from home, which is in the process of having a large extension constructed this includes an office. Bearing in mind the clerk and partner are also running a business from there home as well.

Towards the end of the last meeting the clerk said  “I’ve got a new office in furnish with new desk chairs and other office equipment etc,” to cut a long story short. The council decided to give the clerk £1000 to wards it, Today however the councillors received an email from the clerk to say that the photocopier needs replacing because the paper feeder is broken and need new ink and will cost £999+ bit expensive but I need one it’s the one thing I use the most. It seems the clerk is expecting this item to be payed for separate to to £1000. So the question is where does the council stand in this situation, are we expecting to Provide all this equipment for the clerk or not? Regards PTC&CJS
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Most clerks working from home receive a home working allowance, as a supplement to their salary, the exact purpose of which is a bit vague, but I take it to mean all the costs of running a home office (including furniture). If the council purchases furniture, it will have to be returned if the clerk leaves. The council may also have the right to specify that the furniture can only be used for council business.

It's a long time since I heard the word photocopier. They're a bit 1980's aren't they? A multifunction colour laser printer costs around £150 and will do all that a copier can do and more. Does your council provide a computer and printer for the clerk?
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Thanks for your reply it very helpful
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This highlights an issue with many Cllrs who just take what the clerks tells them on trust for an easy life.  If the Clerk is using a desk and chair to run his/her own business from home he/she should only need a desk  - £1,000 is extortionate and should have been challenged.  A copier is just a form of laser printer. The Cllrs as has been pointed out should have asked the Clerk to provide 3 or more quotes for an all in one Printer. scanner copier.   £250 would buy a decent one.
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