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Can a electors still call for a community Governance Review I have been informed the rules have changed

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I am a Neighbourhood Councillor and feel the Council are failing, I was thinking of getting 600 signature (the amount required in this area) but I have been informed that there have been changes to this rule, this possible rule change is quite recent
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2 Answers

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I'm not aware of any change in the rules, but what would be the recommendation on your petition (i.e. the reason for requesting a Community Governance Review)?
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It seems to me that from the original post, Bill McGrath is seeking to have a review to abolish "The Council" (Not clear if i is a Town or Parrish Council- but both are effectively the same)
Abolish the Council and replace it with...?  You can't use a Community Governance Review to remove councillors you perceive are failing.  Abolishing a council removes that tier of local government.
The guy who posed the question would need to confirm what he was seeking from a Governance review. He may or may not be aware of what you point out. On the point you raise, some Town and Parish councils have been abolished and replaced with nothing. There are many unparished areas in England and Wales, where existing County, District or Unitary councils provide all services needed.
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The only rule change I am aware of came into force back in 2014 with respect to the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007.  It was that to trigger a community governance review  by the Principal Authority, the threshold of eligible resident petitioners had been reduced from 10% to 7.5 %.

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